Dining Out For Life is an annual fundraiser, in which restaurants from across the country donate a portion of their proceeds to local HIV/AIDS charities and organizations. For you locals, this means that tomorrow night (Thursday), you have the opportunity to help out the incredible AIDS Services Group by eating at Sticks, Blue Moon Diner, The Nook and Escafe.

Yes, eat at all of them!

Not in my neck of the woods? Then check out Dining Out For Life to see if there are any restaurants in your area that are participating. Be sure to thank them for supporting the local HIV/AIDS community so that they sign on again next year and that their generosity has not gone unnoticed. And if you don’t see your region represented? Ask one of the proprietors of a restaurant you frequent if it’s something they’d be interested in doing next year. The more people that get involved the better, because good food and good intentions should never go to waste.

Positively Yours,