Did you hear the story of the Olympic hopeful and double-amputee, Oscar Pistorius? He’s been banned from competing in the Olympics due to an unfair, mechanical advantage.

Here’s a video of “The Blade Runner”, as they call him, smoking a bunch of feeble-bodied sausage-legs.

I’m sure the Olympics are worried about the Johnny Knoxvilles of the world removing their legs, to the cackling besumement of their friends, and then triumphing with a gold medal. But hey, if baseball players can get hopped up on roids and break records, then why can’t hopeful runners up the ante, too?

Oscar could lead the way to the inevitable future, and he would do so as someone who actually lost his legs due to no fault/strategy of his own.

As you’ve seen from my previous sports predictions, I’m not afraid to go out on a limb, for lack of a better phrase. And with the biggest U.S. sporting event taking place tomorrow, I’ve been racking my brains, weighing every intangible imagineable, including the astonishing capacity of Bill Belichick’s diabolical mind.

People think that Tom Brady is faking a leg injury, to lower expectations or give the Giants a false sense of security. I think Tom Brady, the star quarterback for the New England Patriots, has been transformed into a bladerunner.

TomBrady.jpg The command came down from the top. Belichick will stop at nothing, and neither will his glazed-over general, Brady. And that’s why I predict the Patriots will defeat the Giants at the Super Bowl.

Brady will rush for 1,372 yards in a stunning spectacle: a 138-10 victory.

Positively Yours,