Came across an article thanks to a posting by Mark S. King on Facebook. It’s about Tommy Morrison, the boxer who rose to prominence in the early-to-mid 1990’s, starring in Rocky V before an HIV diagnosis ended his career prematurely.

A moment I’ll never forget is when me, my dad and brother were getting ready to watch Morrison fight on TV, and the announcers said the fight was canceled because Tommy had failed a blood test.  The way they were talking made it out to be far more serious than steroids.  My family and I knew what they were talking about, but none of us acknowledged the elephant in the room.

15 years later...

Morrison isn’t acknowledging that he is HIV positive, thus creating his own elephant.  The article explains how he hopes to fight again for the world title because, as he claims, he doesn’t have HIV anymore.  The most troubling quote in the article is from his girlfriend who says, “We have unprotected sex.” Tommy chimes in that it is “wild sex”.  It’s more a story about the deterioration of the mind than it is about denial, though the latter figures in.  To read the entire article click here

It’s quite troubling and sad.

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