Keith Haring’s artwork, which once decorated subway stations, is now walking the streets. TOMS has partnered with the Keith Haring Foundation to create a footwear and eyewear line showcasing the unique pop art of the late artist.

TOMS + Keith Haring ShoesCourtesy of TOMS

The line, which hit stores in June, features Haring’s iconic figures,both in bright colors and black and white—similar to the chalk outlines he’d use in his subway graffiti. TOMS has created six different styles of Keith Haring shoes—three for men and three for women—plus two styles of eyeglasses, which are modeled after Haring’s own signature specs.

Haring died from AIDS-related complications in 1990 after being diagnosed in 1988. He used his art to tell his own story and create a culture of activism and awareness around AIDS. In 1989, he

TOMS + Keith Haring EyewearCourtesy of TOMS

established the Keith Haring Foundation, which supports nonprofit organizations that assist children and provide AIDS education, research and care.

That legacy makes the foundation a perfect fit for TOMS. Consistent with the retailer’s world-renowned one-for-one business model, when you purchase any TOMS product, the company helps a person in need.

After a coworker modeled her own pair around the office, we gave these shoes the POZ stamp of approval. To buy yours, head to or select retailers. The products range from $59 to $219.