The September 2013 issue of POZ magazine is online.

Here’s an excerpt from my editor’s letter:

Before I knew it, as far as my body hair was concerned, gray was the new black. Salt and pepper was no longer restricted to food. I was thrilled. More than thrilled, actually. When I was diagnosed with HIV in 1992 at the age of 22, I expected to die before 30. Gray hairs, and all that go with them, were things I never thought I would live to see.

Although I have lived with HIV for more than two decades, my journey with the virus has been relatively stable, at least compared with others. I’m grateful that’s the case. The ride has been much bumpier for those who have lived with HIV for 25 years or more, especially those who were on the front lines of the early fight against the virus.

In his latest book, Perry Halkitis, PhD, MPH, calls these longtime survivors "the AIDS Generation." He’s not only a researcher of the topic, he’s also a member of the club. He joins Cesar Carrasco and Kim Hunter on our cover representing the AIDS Generation. They’re battle-scarred and full of survival savvy.
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