This week’s United Nations High-level Meeting (HLM) on HIV and AIDS marks 40 years since AIDS was first reported. Attention will fall squarely on the progress made so far and the targets that will shape the next decade of the HIV response.

Our message is clear: U.N. Member States must follow the science.

Four decades of responding to HIV demonstrate the importance of science. The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder that following the science is an inherently political decision. The HIV response must seize the opportunity and capitalize on the political commitment towards public health generated by COVID-19.

In our Annual Letter, we outline the science that should be followed, highlight the gaps that science has yet to fully address, and call attention to the policy and practice that should be adapted according to the science.


Call for the world to #FollowtheScience

Together, as we gather for the U.N. HLM, we must call for the world to follow the science and work with the global HIV community in continuing to innovate and follow the science of tomorrow.

Take part by sharing:

  • A call to #FollowtheScience to help spread the word (see examples here)
  • How scientific breakthroughs in HIV have shaped your life using #FollowtheScience
  • Why we should continue to innovate and follow the science of tomorrow using #FollowtheScience