A recent, small study at the University of Kentucky examined why some don’t enjoy condoms- the main reason?  They don’t fit right.  That’s according to the 400 young men who’d recently used (or attempted to use) condoms for penile-vaginal intercourse.

Read the report on Poz.com here.

With this week being National Condom Week, this report is quite timely.  Finding the right partner can take some time- we all know that.  But we never really acknowledge that finding the right condom takes patience as well.  I’m sure a lot of young and older folks alike who are just engaging in sexual activity are probably turned off by a not-so-satisfying first-time condom experience.  Particularly if the condom slips off, or tears because it is ill-fitted and/ or lubrication wasn’t used.  That’s like going out for drinks, only to find out on the drive home that your designated driver is thoroughly shitfaced.

So how do we prevent this scenario from happening? 

Well, why not bring more than one condom to the dance when you are first giving it go?  Make finding the right condom for you and your partner an event, like a Price Is Right game that takes place behind a closed-door that the studio audience isn’t even aware of.  That’s way hotter than Plinko, even when someone leans way over the board before dropping the disc down.  Whatever mental image makes the idea of finding the right condom exciting for you is the key, and anything’s better than letting someone lose faith in the condom, or not discuss their disappointment or be too embarrassed to explore why it didn’t feel just right.

Thankfully, I found my favorite condom companion a long-time ago.  Gwenn and I have tried others along the way, but I always go back to what’s worked best for me. (Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive in the gray box.)  And, ya know, something better may come along as it has throughout the vast history of protecting one’s little fellow.  So trying a different condom- safely- is a good idea, too.  Because missing out on a more pleasurable upgrade would be, well... just click the Play button below.

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