I sent the file for my 2nd book to my agent today, and couldn’t be more relieved to be done. For now.


Of course, I’ve declared victory before. You may remember that back in June I wrote a blog entitled New Book “Finished”. Thankfully, I had the intelligence to put the word “finished” in quotation marks. I wasn’t finished- I sent the book to my agent, then wrote him back later telling him not to read it.

Then I had a deadline set for November, but when I spent most of the month sick, the deadline got bumped until after Christmas because I didn’t want to screw up the book by writing when I was under the weather.

But now, I let out a huge sigh of relief. The vampire story is where it needs to be, and if my agent approves, he’ll submit it to the publisher. If he doesn’t approve, I’ll take his suggestions into account. (My agent, thankfully, is a “horror guy” with a killer sense of humor whose opinion I trust.)

Gwenn proofread the book this week and caught some grammatical errors while jotting down some notes. I was expecting more ink on it, so it was a pleasant surprise that I didn’t have a ton of corrections to make. Of course, in publishing there are no guarantees. But one way or another, this book will see the light of day. And I hope- when the time comes- you’ll be enjoy sinking your teeth into it.

Positively Yours,