Holy shit.

Yes, MY PET VIRUS is reviewed in USA Today... today. In the actual paper, there’s even a little photo of the cover. It really is too cool.

Gwenn and I read USA Today all the time when we’re on the road, staying at hotels. Now I’m in the thing. Wowser. If you want, you can go read the review HERE! Or pick up a copy on the newsstand today!

The local newspaper, The Hook, came out today as well, and it features a cover story on MY PET VIRUS. Go pay them a visit and give it a read!

There’s a funny quote in there from the guy who was the superintendent when I was kicked out of school in the sixth grade (the day after they learned of my HIV status). He claims I was never excluded from anything. Oh, and that my hometown of Waynesboro were leaders in advocating for the rights of students with HIV. He conveniently forgets, however, that they were dragged to the brink of a lawsuit, a result of my expulsion, to do so.

I understand the attempt to turn me into some kind of James Frey with AIDS. The whole episode must be very embarrassing to look back on these days. But hey, it was 1987, the whole country was in a panic, not just Waynesboro.

Back when all that went down, I was a kid who had no idea what was going on as all of the smalltown politics unfolded around me. But now, as an adult, I will defend myself in real time. The misguided people who were responsible for ignoring the advice of doctors, teachers and everyone else who stood up for me can tell themselves that it never happened, and they can and will continue to take potshots at me.

My advice to them? Grow up. If I could do it against all odds, then so can they.

Positively Your’s,

image by Greg Cravens