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"V" Is For Virginia

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Hi, I loved the original V series, because it showed women and people of color as educated people in positions of authority. During the lead up to the invasion you saw a Latina news room head, an African American doctor, etc. After things go crazy, the real power of the program kicks in - showing that with incredible loss can come opportunity. Those living on the margins of society - the gardener, the loser brother of the AA doctor, etc. (who even wear stereotypical uniforms as such) - are the ones who come to the rescue, who become the leaders. The follow up programming to the original series - in particular the alabaster alien girl - did not maintain Kenneth Johnson's original vision, but are interesting from a general scifi standpoint. As for the election result in Virginia, thank you for clarifying that Bob McDonnell is a lizard person from V. I was thinking he was a sleestak from Land of the Lost.

November 5, 2009


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