Nutritional support for pre- and post-vaccination

While millions of people receive vaccines, very few focus on preparing their body ahead of time, and they might not prioritize supporting their health post- inoculation. This protocol, offered by one of my favorite professional supplement companies, Researched Nutritionals, focuses on a kind of clearing of the immunogenic decks, as it were, with supplemental glutathione, lipoic acid and mast cell support, as preparation for the addition of a new, potentially powerful immunogen to your system.

Vitamins A & D and zinc support the immune system generally and transfer factor and cytokine support are offered for post-vaccination immune system modulation more specifically.

The protocol breaks down like this:

One Week prior to first scheduled vaccination (and continue until two weeks after the final vaccination)

Starting at three weeks AFTER the final vaccination (and take for only two weeks)

This information, of course, is intended only for informational purposes, and none of these products carries the imprimatur of the FDA and, in language required by said agency, “not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

I will add ingredient list and links to relevant research as the week progresses. I just kind of liked this because I have a few worry wort folks in the practice (mostly with a history of being hypersensitive to things, or with a history of mast cell activation issues or CIRS) who I believe will feel better with this kind of an immune balance approach on board. And so I share it in case there are others out there who might also find the information helpful.

Mike Barr, a long ago Poz Senior Contributing Editor and founding member of and scribe for the Treatment Action Group (TAG), is a functional medicine practitioner, acupuncturist and herbalist in NYC. Reach out to him here.