This week I finally willed myself to email Dr. Greg and get my viral load test results, they were undetectable- the best result possible.

Which is cool, since the labs were taken on my 7th day off meds before starting a week on cycle. (Think Karate Kid, only “Week On! Week Off!”, instead of “Wax on! Wax off!”)

At my appointment two weeks ago, Dr. Greg informed me that his teenage son is re-reading My Pet Virus... which got me thinking... maybe I should put Dr. Greg in my next book? You know, the one I said I wouldn’t blog about anymore?

MyPetVirus_FINAL.jpgDuring the book publishing process, a “sample cover” was sent to me, which scared me shitless and may have inspired the expression on my face on the real cover. But I’m thinking, this might be awesome for the next book! The one where Dr. Greg stakes vampires through the heart...

I ran this by the good doc, and gave me the green light to use him, under one condition: if it gets made into a movie, he gets final say as to who plays him. I retained potential film/TV rights when I signed with my publisher...

Like patient, like doctor.

Positively Yours,