Sanjaya is gone. And I blame every person who is not living with HIV.

In my valiant attempt to rally the AIDS community behind the young singer, I turned to Vote For The Worst and Howard Stern for support. The latter did not reply, and the former’s response was well-documented on this blog. Even the Easter Bunny... er, Rabbit, was kind of a dickhead about things.

Vote For The Worst is already moving on to the next contestant they deem the worst, and Howard Stern is claiming that the producers rigged the vote. Well, I say that his producers suck, because they thought that booking yet another pornstar would be of more value than the support of an estimated 39 million people worldwide who are living with HIV/AIDS.

And now Sanjaya is gone. Even though I never underestimate this country’s ability to blow a national election, I’m still a little rattled. With faith in the negatoids gone, I now look within to find the strength that has helped me to battle AIDS over the years.

Viva La Sanjaya,

Though Shawn has expressed displeasure in people without HIV in this blog, he is still gladly accepting donations for his AIDS Walk.

In the DC area? I’ll be doing a brief reading and signing books at this fundraiser! Would love to meet ya.