Synthetic Division tears down the fifth wall, and let’s you in on a band practice.  Never before in the history of music has a band given the public such a close and intimate view of the inner workings of the industry. ;)

If you’ve ignore the previous vlogs you gotta watch this one.  Why?  You’ll meet Josh- Synthetic Division member (the West coast arm of Synthetic Division Inc.) and longtime friend.  He arrived from Los Angeles on Thursday, and it’s been great hanging out and getting reading for the tour. 

Enjoy the vlog!  And a big happy birthday to one of my favorite positoids of all-time, Bob Bowers, One Tough Pirate.  We all love ya and the work you do, brother- keep it up! (Read about Bob in Poz, and visit him online at One Tough Pirate)

Positively Yours,