You’ve heard all about my Make-A-Wish Foundation meeting with Depeche Mode as a young teen. Well, you may not know that I also have a cousin with hemophilia, too.

He didn’t get a Wish, because thankfully he was born a decade after me and missed the HIV blood contamination window. That’s good news, but I still feel guilty that I’m the only person in my family to get a wish, and I want to change that... but here’s the swerve: I’m not writing about my thinblooded cousin. Actually, it’s that cousin’s thickblooded big brother, Jeremy.


Jeremy, my cousin. Click to vote!

daisy.jpgHe has a very special wish- he wants to be cast in Daisy of Love, the spinoff of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. If you’re a reality TV junkie, you may remember Daisy. If not, here she is. (Click to see a YouTube video. She talks with her hands.)

Daisy seems nice, I think she would get along famously with my cousin. Make Jeremy’s wish come true. This isn’t partisan, we can all come together around this young man’s dream to find love.

Positively Yours,