Gwenn loves her fashion blogs, and came across a contest for H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS launch party in NYC, where one lucky band gets to perform. I am calling on you- reader, bleeder, friend, enemy, relative, former lover- whomever is reading this for whatever reason...

I need your vote.

It literally takes less than 15 seconds. H&M isn’t even gathering any personal information like your email address.  You rate my video (10 stars!) and click vote.  That’s it.  H&M selects one of the Top 10 vote-getters to perform at their Fashion Against AIDS event in New York City on May 19th. 

Right now I’m in the Top 20, which isn’t nearly good enough.

Voting ends on May 7 at midnight. Winner announced May 8. 

What’s in it for you?  A cool Synthetic Division Symptom of Life messenger bag, pictured below on me and above on Gwenn who wisely insisted on their existence.  We will randomly draw one winner’s name from anyone who 1) votes and then 2) leaves a comment on this blog entry.  Wait, what if you vote for me in this contest, your name is drawn for the prize and you already pre-ordered a bag?  Well then, I will kiss you full on the lips for your prize. (tongue optional)
I really think we could crack the Top 10.  And I really think I have a shot if we can break that threshold in the next seven days... please help even if you don’t want a cool messenger bag or a sloppy kiss from me.  If I don’t make the Top 10 I am going on the two week tour riding this mini-bike.  Without a helmet.  While drinking an iced mocha.  Oh, and with my bandmate riding on the back.  If you don’t vote, my life could very well be on the line.

Those are the stakes!  Go vote- let’s do this: HIV awareness + synthpop + messenger bag =

Positively Yours,

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