marshall-camden.jpgSubculture Shock on 91.9 WNRN has been a long-time supporter of my synth music, AKA Synthetic Division. The radio program is doing an end-of-the-year best singles of 2010 as voted on by their listeners. A Synthetic Division song, “A Symptom of Life”, has made the list.

I’ve had a player up on this blog since I released the CD back in May. If you haven’t had a chance to listen, give it a whirl. If you like the song, I’d appreciate a vote at this site.
I’m hoping the new year brings more new music and another chance to go on a mini-tour. Commemorating the 20-year anniversary of my dying wish to meet Depeche Mode with a release that I am very proud of was definitely a highlight of my year.

In other news, I decided that the year couldn’t close out with a vacated title for my T-Cell Champion.  So the closest vote to Satan is now the interim champion until the next labtests crown an undisputed champion.  The person who came the closest?  Rachel Oliff.  If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Charles Oliff became the first Labtest Contest Champion last year.  The Oliffs are really building a dynasty here on the Labtest Contest!

Hope everyone is having a good week, and a good holiday season.

Positively Yours,

PS... happy birthday wishes to Marshall Camden (picture here from last year as a disgruntled elf).  He has been playing keyboards with me in Synthetic Division since 2007. Hope you’re had a rockin’ one!

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