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Weathering A Storm

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Lora Rene' Tucker

Thank you for sharing your comments on weathering the storm. We have much to give to the world, even if we have to remind the world of our humanity, their mortality, and all our humility.

November 29, 2012

Robert T. Jenkins

May I never have to know the kind of recovery that the positive people of the entire Eastern seaboard are going through. I've been blessed by the relative "safety" of living life as a positive black/African-American male in a suburb of the Mid-Western metropolis of Chicago. The Second City, second to where or what--I'm not really sure. As I key these words light flurries of non-accumulating snow are falling on the Windy City--windy for the politics, not the weather--although this weekend's extremes of Chicago weather might make some think otherwise. Ms. Tucker, you and all the rest of us must persevere. If we don't, who will right/write the many issues that are part of the important, positive, and livable everyday lives of our virus-plagued communities.

November 12, 2012


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