Gwenn and I are very excited about the launch of our new website,!


Give it a look, it’s the launching pad for the next phase in our speaking adventures, and a home for my blog... don’t worry, though, if you are reading me on or MySpace, I’ll still be there (here, wherever!).

Gwenn and I began educating together as a couple in 2000, joining CAMPUSPEAK, an excellent speaking bureau that focuses on the college market. I still remember the application process- we sent in a spotty video, and I was still adjusting to my HIV meds at the time. It was so bad, I actually excused myself mid-talk to find a bathroom and throw up.

CAMPUSPEAK signed us up anyway. They were just getting started themselves, and saw potential in our program and how we approached the issue of sexual health. Within months of joining, they (and the great speakers and friends we made on the CAMPUSPEAK roster) helped us become the speakers we are today.

Now, with the launch of the new web site, we are giving it a go on our own, and have nothing but good tidings about what our relationship with CAMPUSPEAK has meant to us, both personally and professionally.

Positively Yours,