So I’m loving this daily blog stuff. I enjoy passing along interesting bits of news and random stories to fill in for the general lack of excitement in my own life. And really, that’s kind of what blogging and social networking has evolved into- more of a sharing of information as well as a way to express ones self which is how it started.

But, one conclusion I have come to is that I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with 7 blog posts a week. I’d rather have a WeekDaily Blog than a Weak Daily Blog.  Of course, if anything urgent is happening or I have a particularly compelling dream on a Friday night that I must share, then sure, I’ll post something...

Like just this past week.  One of my favorite wrestlers these days, CM Punk, had an epic unplanned nosebleed on Monday Night Raw on live television.  The kind of gusher that took me back to my childhood with hemophilia.  He soldiered through it during the whole bit- which involved scrapping with Randy Orton (whose clumsy lunge caused the unintentional damage).  Well, that nosebleed made it into my dream, only it wasn’t CM Punk who was sporting it.  I was having a talk with another wrestler, Edge, when Justin Bieber turns up- with a massive nosebleed.

Strange, huh?

OK, so maybe I won’t be posting about my dreams on the weekend.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great Saturday afternoon.  Me?  I’m about to go get an iced mocha.  I know, big surprise. 

Positively Yours,

A big thank you to my weekend mocha sponsors: Joyce Anderson and Lauren Hoffman, who gave me a welcome home mocha on Friday after Gwenn and I returned from a trip to snowy Kansas City this week.  Thanks, ladies!

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