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Hey SNL Weekend Update: Don't Judge Us

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That’s the left for you !!!! Thy will stop at nothing in order to accomplish their only goal : to divide this country !!!

October 9, 2018 Houston


Your point was well made before you attempted to wrap it up with the same poor judgment as your subject. This forum should be sharable. I can't recommend this article to anyone as it is written. Clean up the article. This is not standup comedy.

October 9, 2018


I cannot stand Saturday Night Live, it's vile and demonic. They are so obsessed with President Trump I think they actually love him. Their lives are so pathetic that's all they know to talk about, Their lives revolve around him. Especially Alex Baldwin, who is a used up washed-up actor or "has been". I support the confirmation of Judge Cavanaugh. I'm so glad truth won out. The lies she spewed out was pathetic. The Democrats are nothing but vile evil creatures. So now, let's investigate them.

October 9, 2018


Your commentary reaches on this one. I believe you’re looking for insinuation that just isn’t there. I’m a 25+ year poz guy and Sheen’s HIV status didn’t even cross my mind when watching SNL. This is why we Democrats continue to lose - we are comfortable in the role of professional victim.

October 9, 2018


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