Last week was HAART 2.0, the first significant HIV meeting I have organized for Project Inform. The meeting brought together about 40 community activists, scientists, government regulators and representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, with the goal of improving the use of anti-retrovirals.

Although it is hard to tell, I think the meeting went well. We covered 1st line treatment, immune activation and salvage therapy. We had large and small group discussions as well as slide presentations. Marty Delaney gave the opening address.

Yesterday ICAAC/IDSA began. ICAAC is one of the two big annual science conferences with and HIV focus (CROI in February is the other). In the midst of all of this Prezista gained approval for first line treatment.

Check out Project Inform’s website for daily coverage of ICAAC/IDSA. Down the line, watch for a full report from HAART 2.0.