With the latest version 3 of iStayHealthy available on iTunes it’s time for me to think about the next upgrades. 
For one I need to bring the Android version of iStayHealthy in line with what’s available for the iPhone. I.e.
  • backup/restore to/from DropBox
  • password protecting the app
  • recording Viral load HepC as well as Viral Load HIV
  • recording illnesses/surgeries
  • recording your clinic details.
I hope to have the new Android version ready sometime in January.

A longstanding wish of mine is to get an iPad version of iStayHealthy. Of course, you can run iStayHealthy/iPhone on the iPad as well. But let’s face it: it’s not the same. Not sure when it will be out in 2012, but an iPad version of iStayHealthy will definitely be coming.