Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas today. I got to spend the Eve and day with my parents, brother and sis-in-law, and my two nieces, as well as some dear friends.

This Christmas happened to be the first for my niece, Helayna, who is ten months old. Back when her big sis, Katie, was a couple of years old, I made a video for a PBS trailer called When Babies Have Babies. I figured it’s never too early for Helayna to step up- or, more accurately, crawl up to the plate- for her first starring role.

This one is a holiday-themed movie trailer. Here’s the description...

When Babies Save Christmas

The movie (trailer) event of the holiday season! Can a baby save Santa Claus from isolation and self-destructive tendencies in an economy that has forced children to not ask for toys?

Only Flakey the Snowman and Kiss-Up the Brown-nosed Reindeer are up to the task of finding out. And along they way, they too are reminded just how cool getting toys can be.

Positively Yours,