No, my band is not breaking up. Really, Synthetic Division is going to keep going as long as I’m alive, because that’s how the vanity projects of the self-obsessed work.  One of the highlights of this year thus far has been the focus I point into making some new music, and making that relevant to my work as an HIV educator.

In last couple of weeks, I played my last two Synthetic Division shows of the year, possibly, in Charlotteville (thanks Umlaut!) and in Richmond (thanks Fallout!).  For touring bands the following number is nothing, but for me, I’m quite proud of it: this year I played 14 shows. Not only that, I gave away over 1,000 free condoms, thanks to One Condoms.  I hope to match or exceed those numbers next year.

But for now?  The music is over temporarily.  The fall is slowly creeping up, bringing with it a bit of travel, an AIDS Walk, World AIDS Day as well as the holidays... all things I am looking forward to. 

Still, as I stow away the neon sign, wedging it safely between the bed in the guest bedroom and the wall, it is a bit bittersweet.  Which is why I just wanted to post one more time about how thankful I am for the parents/friends who supported my love of music, that I met a killer partner in Gwenn who bought me a neon sign for my music close to 10 years ago... and for being around to even do a vanity project like Synthetic Division.

And who knows?  In twenty years when I’m holding one of these A Symptom of Life CDs in my hands, I may be cured of HIV entirely if recent hopeful studies come to fruition.  Maybe I’ll do the follow-up to Symptom then? One thing is for certain- if I’m still around, positoid or negatoid, I will be glad that in the year 2010, I put some energy towards something- music- that has given me so much energy in my life.

Positively Yours,

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