"If children start to believe that it’s okay to be gay then they will 

think it will okay to be a pedophile or have sex with animals."

This is quoted word for word from pastor Dr. Ronald Ferguson of Antiloch

Church of God based in Harlem.
He was referring to the second

annual celebration of gay pride in Harlem called Harlem Pride.

When I read this in the NY Daily News last week I went through many emotions,

shocked, disappointment, anger and disbelief that someone who not only

calls himself a pastor but also calling himself a doctor would say something

so asinine.

seems to be older voices, or if we have

to call them leaders, who are stuck in the past and not aware of the world

changing around them.

a “come as you are” philosophy.

Aside from them though I think for many in the church the only time they find

comfort with us is when we put a wig on and call ourselves Madea or if we’re

entertaining you in the choir causing you to clap and stomp your feet to

the singing.

People quote from the bible but also those same people conveniently tell

you passages which are taken out of context. If we really were to follow

the many things the bible called a sin, we would all be sinners.

Yet it’s better to take passages out of context to suit their agenda.

Speaking to kids, the one thing I stress to them is that no matter what

you believe that everyone deserves respect and if your God tells you to hate

any of his children, I would start to question what God I’m worshiping.

Scriptures are meant to elevate not denigrate.

This hate is getting old and I know for me my gospel is one of inclusion

so I ask preachers and those who blindly follow, what’s yours?

For the pastors who speak out against the Harlem Pride,

I say don’t pray for me, I’ll pray for you.

It seems you need it more than me.