I’ve been an absentee blogger as of late, which means my actual life has been pretty damn busy.

On Monday I saw Morrissey for the first time in concert, and it was a divine experience. I never, ever, sing along at concerts. But how could I not chime in when Morrissey proclaimed, “Irish heart, English blood, this I’m made of”? I had a girlfriend in high school who made me rewind the tape in my car and play “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” over and over again. And once I made another girl dance with me to “I Know It’s Going To Happen Someday” in my bedroom. (How f#$*’n Moz is that?)

The first bit of previous blog recap is that Miss Virginia was off the hook.  My friend finished 4th runner-up and won $2700 in scholarship money, not too shabby.  Since Miss Virginia I’ve been invited to judge a pageant here in town later this month, which I’m going to do since my pageant eye is still sharp from last month.

I attended a conference in DC just before the pageant, and met a ton of librarians, some of whom had read and enjoyed my book.  I’m probably getting just as many messages from people about the book now as when it came out last fall, which is very promising.  Next month, I tell myself, I will begin the process on the next book... and why haven’t I done it already?


And more music.

Yesterday I sent off the masters and artwork for pressing, and it’s been many late nights trying to get the album finished in time for the CD release party.  I’m very proud of the songs that Kyle and I have created as Synthetic Division, and all the help we’ve gotten from friends, particularly Micah, who recorded, mixed and mastered the CD in his studio.  (Final Symphony Studio.)  Andy, also of Bella Morte, let me hijack his computer for additional album work.  I’ve been such a mooch lately.

I can’t really get across how proud I am of the music.  For so long I’ve done music, more so as a hobby.  Now I want, and in some ways need, it to be more of a regular part of my life.  It is a much different outlet than writing and speaking, the latter of which centers solely around my HIV status.

It’s not that I’m shying away from HIV education, I fully understand that it is one of the reasons why I’m here and how I contribute to society.  Doing music reminds me of just that: my educational work is just one reason.  Other passions shouldn’t be neglected, and I don’t want to be 70 and regret not putting some time into something that I love so much.

So I’m going to have fun with, and just make sure that I don’t neglect other passions because I’m getting the biggest kick out of this one.

Positively Yours,

Music: See Shawn’s band in DC on July 13, at a fetish ball! And then a CD release party in Charlottesville on August 4!

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