I recently wrote about how cool it would be for Sean Strub, founder of Poz Magazine, to be appointed as the AIDS Czar by the Obama Administration.

The New York Times has already endorsed Sean. Not for AIDS Czar, but for having a cool home and being one of the best ambassador’s us positoids have. In the article, Sean says, ?One only needs to look at the invisibility of AIDS in this year?s presidential contest to see how our political muscle has atrophied.?

And that’s why we need him. Badly.

The good news about Obama and the AIDS epidemic is that he has already endorsed condom use as a means to prevent HIV transmission. And when he recently spoke about getting his girls a First Dog, Obama mentioned the possibility of rescuing one from the shelter. Just like Sean Strub did. Hmmmm....

If President Elect Obama doesn’t see it my way, I live two-hours from D.C. and have a closet full of foam board and markers. I will drive there and picket if I have to. We need people living with AIDS in positions of political and social influence, and having a knowledgeable, compassionate positoid as the AIDS Czar would be incredibly inspiring.

Yes we can.

Positively Yours,