My obsession with the new HBO vampire series True Blood continues unabated. Last night’s new episode was compelling for many reasons, not the least of which were vampire Bill visiting a church meeting to retell his Civil War memories and waitress Sookie breaking up with vampire Bill.

However, the best moment was put in by short order cook Lafayette, who is by far the coolest gay character currently on television. He doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Lafayette isn’t a vampire and he doesn’t have HIV/AIDS. However, he is openly gay in rural Louisiana. So, it’s no surprise when a bunch of drunk hooligans send back a hamburger deluxe because they said “it has AIDS” according to the waitress.

It’s also no surprise how Lafayette responds. He confronts the drunk hooligans straight on by asking them, “Who ordered the hamburger with AIDS?” And it gets better from there!

Watch how Lafayette responds ... Beware of a few curse words, if such language matters to you:

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