My last fake outrage post about the Olympics has been haunting me- especially since I’ve been watching the Games every night before I go to bed.

How can you not cheer for that swimming dude who has inspired a nation to believe? No, not Phelps- I’m referencing the Korean swimmer, Park-Tae-hwan, who, at the age of 14, was disqualified in the 2004 games when he lost his balance and fell into the pool. He didn’t even get to race! Well, he ate nothing but glass for four years and came back to win Korea’s first Gold Medal in swimming this year... triumph!

And what the controversy over China’s female gymnastics team? Everyone is so worried about whether they are 16, that no one has bothered to test them for steroids... brilliant strategy!


Is this athlete... juicing?

Speaking of strategies, the International AIDS Conference has wrapped up, and has the information hook-up. Also, fellow Poz bloggers Regan and Paul weren’t sitting on their asses watching the Olympics, they were there. So swing by their blogs to get their take on the conference.

Actually, this weekend I didn’t sit on my ass the whole time. I’m limping around, actually. Not because I was inspired to give the uneven bars a go, but because I played a Synthetic Division show... will be blogging and posting some photos soon... as well as the Hemo2Homo Connection review of Batman!

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