After Christmas, I retired the holiday sweater until next season. It’s always a bittersweet moment, but this year I feel like that thing spread so much joy, that I’d be going into 2009 weakened if I continued to wear it any longer.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, me and Gwenn were watching TV, and we discovered that Santa had given us a present: “Oh my God! It’s VH1 Classic!” We proceeded to watch two hours of good/bad music videos on my favorite MTV show of all-time, 120 Minutes.

During regular hours, you’ll see everything from David Lee Roth’s “Goin’ Crazy” (horribly awesome!) to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” (awesome, but Prince is hardass about his stuff being enjoyed online so now YouTube link there). It’s awe-inspiring. The worst video I’ve seen to date is this one from Simple Minds. I read an article a few years ago, where the lead singer wondered why they never got as big as U2. I didn’t know the answer then, but now I do.

Check this out. I dare you to look away.


But the biggest wrapped joy came in the form of a Wii Fit. Once again, Gwenn tracked down Nintendo’s holiday jewel, but this year it was a few clicks instead of a two-hour long wait in the rain at Target. That’s me Wii Bowling, by the way.

I gotta say, I am loving the Wii Fit. The balance board is highly addictive, and right from the beginning you’re hooked when they lay your Wii Age on you. It’s based on your real age, weight and how you handle an initial balance test.

Andy Deane, the whirling dervish frontman of Bella Morte and good friend, was over giving the Wii Fit a test run with us. After Gwenn posted a gasp (from her) inducing Wii Fit Age of 46, I stepped up and got a 34, a mere seven months older than I am. Then I laughed at Andy when he posted a Wii Fit Age of 53.

For once, I was the healthiest person in the room!

Of course, two days later and after a binge on Chick-Fil-A nuggets, I’d Wii-aged five years. But that was nothing a little Wii Yoga couldn’t take care of. Now I’m down to 32 Wii Years of Age, and I hold the downhill Wii-Skiing record for the fastest time.

I’m thinking about taking this data to Dr. Greg for my next appointment. I’m also going to ask him to call Cold’s Gym, to see if he can play the A-card and get me out of my year-long membership contract. After this sickened winter, and my love affair with the Wii Fit blossoming, I know it will be mighty hard to walk back into Cold’s..

Let’s just hope, if Dr. Greg backs me up, that the Gym doesn’t ask him for my Wii Fit Age.

Positively Yours,