DSC00453.jpgSomehow, the Wii has been neglected as of late in the Gwenn/Shawn household. Maybe it’s been the dogged determination to complete my next book? Or a side-effect of Obamania?

Either way, the Wii made a comeback, bigtime, and Gwenn and I resumed our bowling feud: immediately upon doing so she dominated me. No surprise there. Most Wii-ners would sulk or give up... I’m not like most Wii-ners.

Instead I rallied back, crushing Gwenn with a 279! That’s 9 out of 10 strikes, and 8 in a row.

My parents tried to teach me that it is much better to win gracefully, but I think in doing that you are missing a key opportunity to crush your opponent’s spirit, thus setting them up for a worse defeat (and sweeter victory for yourself) the next time.

Positively Yours,


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