I have the first item for the eventual winner of the Labtest Contest.  While having coffee with yesterday’s NPR Song of the Day songstress, Lauren Hoffman, I asked if she’d donate a copy of her new album, Interplanetary Traveler, to the winner.

She said yes!

So the winner is in for a real treat.  If you went to my coffee blog and wondered what the clue was, it was right there on the July 5 photo: a picture of one of the stars of Lauren’s music video for “Interplanetary Traveler” that I shot last fall.  Here’s what I wrote on Decker’s Daily:

robotcoffee.jpgJuly 5, 2010 - At the coffee shop, I ran into one of the stars of the Interplanetary Traveler music video I shot for Lauren Hoffman. We discussed the video, shot last fall, and I gave him an update on what Lauren and his co-star, Evie, were up to these days. Then, to his surprise, they dropped by and had coffee with us! (Well, Evie had milk, which we call a “Bebecinno”)  See the video at: http://forlauren.com it is and will always be one of my proudest artistic achievements.


Here’s the music video for your listening and viewing pleasure. For those who don’t know, Evie, referenced above, is Lauren’s daughter and Gwenn and I’s goddaughter.  Evie makes a star turn in the video.  Enjoy, and get those guesses in before midnight on Monday for your chance to win Lauren’s CD!

Positively Yours,



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