WAD2008_logo.gifMore than 1 million people are estimated to be living with HIV in the United States and over 33 million people worldwide. Medications have helped HIV-positive people around the globe, but AIDS continues with no cure in sight.

Despite the harsh reality of the facts, I feel hopeful on this World AIDS Day. Fewer people are dying. Researchers continue finding new ways to attack the virus. President-elect Obama has pledged a National AIDS Strategy for the United States.

A prayer by the Rev. Jim Mitulski of the Metropolitan Community Church in the February/March 2001 issue of POZ wasn’t written specifically for World AIDS Day, but I believe it embodies the spirit of hope each of us should consider.

Here’s an excerpt:

May my awareness of mortality inspire me to live
abundantly, here and now.
May I live in expectation of a cure for HIV in my

Let my life be a prayer, my dreams a reality.

- Rev. Jim Mitulski

On this 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day, I pray for a cure today.

I will save my cynicism for tomorrow.

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