World AIDS Week is about to end. And it’s the most wonderful time of the year- there are red ribbons everywhere, discussion about HIV prevention is abound and condoms are always well within reach.

This week, Gwenn and I have spoken at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska, for the AIDS Task Force of Greater Cleveland, at Baldwin-Wallace College and the University of Toledo. Today, Gwenn and I are on our way home, and I’ll share some road stories once I get the photos loaded in...

Plus, the work isn’t quite done yet- next week we speak in Kansas.

As I mentioned, I got another sore throat right before we left, and Gwenn was an angel, doing all the driving. She was guided by “Norman”, our new GPS unit, which I named after Norman Bates from Psycho since it speaks in a feminine voice. Now, as we’re heading home today, Gwenn is starting to feel under the weather as I am making a full recovery.

Her timing is much better than mine.

Hope everyone had as great of a week as I did. It was very inspiring, and a big thanks again to everyone who brought me and Gwenn out to share our message of prevention and education. You are what makes this pre-season, red-ribboned time of year special for us, and we are honored each time we get the opportunity to open another mind as to why sexual health and compassion for those living with HIV are important topics.

Important topics for every season.

Positively Yours,