Today is World Hemophilia Day!  If you’d like to observe the 20th anniversary of World Hemophilia Day here’s what you can do this weekend.

BernietheBloodDrop.jpg - Hug a Thinblood:  Not too tightly, but not too soft, either.  Cyberhugs are good, too.

- Donate Blood: People with bleeding disorders rely on blood products.  It’s safe and easy to donate!

- Punch Yourself In Nose:  PLEASE NOTE... This is only for Thickbloods.  Pretend the bleeding won’t stop for a while, and empathize with Thinbloods.  (Please Don’t, actually.)

World Hemophilia Day really snuck up on me this year.  I’ve slept half the day away, and now I gotta go play catch up.  My advice to fellow Thinbloods- take full advantage of today!  If there is someone you are pining for, they have to go out on a date with you.  Especially if you show up in the suit pictured with a dozen roses... be creative in how you exploit this! 

And no, Decker’s Daily wasn’t launched on Monday to rack up sponsors today.  Though I was shocked to have gotten 8 days of coffee- more on that later... for now, I gotta get out of the house, grab a cup of joe, and scream to the world: “I am Thinblood, hear me roar!”

Positively Yours,

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