This is only funny if you’ve ever been on MySpace, where you get “Friend Requests” from phony porn girls named “Tom”.- SD

Tom, the figurehead and everyones’ friend on MySpace, has recently succombed to the image-is-everything peer pressure that this social networking site has fostered.

Recently, I’ve gotten several adds from him, and it appears he’s gone under the knife repeatedly in order to drastically alter his image. The longterm physical effects of these surgeries can’t be good- not to mention the psychological toll of looking completely different every morning- and I’d like to see the license of the doctor or doctors who repeatedly perform them.

Tom, in happier times.

He has a lot of money, I’m sure. But for whatever reason he thinks we’ll love him more as blonde, redhead, brunette, etc, who is scantily clad.

Sample of one of many of Tom’s new looks.

I support the transgendered community whole-heartedly. This isn’t about a sex change operation, it’s about what one person will do to get more friends when millions apparently are no longer enough.

We all enjoy MySpace, but I think it’s about high time that we look after the well-being of the young man who helped to get this site going.

Positively Yours,