I went in for my routine lab work last week.  Too lazy to do a contest, I just figured I would land in the circa 600 range that has been the norm for me over the last few years. (Very thankful for those results.)

So I was shocked when the results came back... 829 t-cells!  Since I’ve had HIV, I’ve never had over 700 t-cells.  From my diagnosis in 1987 until 1998, they hovered around 200 before finally crashing.  After starting meds in 1999, the t-cells responded by multiplying... and getting stronger.  The last big jump like this I had was back in 2008, when my count jumped from 450 to my previous record, 674. But then it quickly settled back down into the 500 range.

The most important thing is to feel good. And I’ve felt pretty good recently.  The funny thing is that my intention this go around was to adjust my MGs, bumping down from 800mgs of Prezista (with 100mg of Norvir).  I’ve had more bleeding episodes since starting this regimen in June of 2013, and I’m sure Prezista is the culprit.  But, things have settled down a bit.  Maybe it was just a temporary side effect?

I’m not gonna change anything right now, because I’m curious to see if the count stays this high.  I doubt it will- and I’m okay with that. I’m not greedy, just want enough t-cells to stay healthy.  Pass the bonus ones along to someone who really needs them.

Will definitely have a Labtest Contest at the end of August. Til then, my your t-cells, and more importantly, your spirits, be high.

Positively Yours,