My doctor’s summer vacation plans postponed my summer “drug holiday” plans. But not by much.

Since it’s important to monitor my 7/7 treatment (one week taking pills, one week not. Repeat.), I am getting lab work done at the tail end of my third week off meds. My doctor’s leaving town in August, which means I need to wait a week until I go off my meds for the first 7 day period, which means I’ll get my next labs done at the beginning of September upon his return. (Who’s on first?)

Since I go to a teaching hospital for all of my medical needs, I spoke with a resident before seeing Dr. Greg. I like to call them “the fluffer”. The fluffer comes in with your chart and medical bio, and they ask you all the fluff questions in anticipation of the big meeting with the head honcho.

“When were you born?”
When were you diagnosed?"
“How are you feeling?”

The guy, Koffi, had a thick African accent, and was friendly enough. But when I told him about my plans for the summer as they pertained to my life-saving treatments, he got this look in his eye accompanied by a shit-eating grin that simultaneously said, “What the fuck?” and “You’re crazy!”

Since my car was in the shop, Gwenn had driven me to the appointment. (I can’t drive stick shift. I know, “What the fuck?”) She immediately pounced on the young doctor, verbally of course. “He’s done it before! For two and a half years!” I try to keep my cool, whereas Gwenn is far less tolerant of what she deems to be condescention.

“I know there haven’t been any large scale studies on this, but last time it worked very well for me.” I bet Koffi had a lot of questions for Dr. Greg about the nutjob with the blue hair in Room 3, and was probably surprised with how amiable my doctor was about the situation. He knows I can adhere to the abnormal schedule, and that I hardly ever miss a dose.

Now the big question is whether or not I’ll notice a difference during the weeks I’m off meds.