Yesterday started with a coffee date with friends, then I picked up an old pal from the airport and took him to his mom’s house, where I had dinner with another childhood pal as well as my own loving mother. A vicious rainstorm broke out on the journey, which scared Gwenn since we had a 20 mile drive ahead of us, but it cleared up pretty quickly... amazing how nature can switch so quickly from violence to clear-skied beauty.

After the reunion with old friends in the early evening, it was off to the local goth/industrial night, Umlaut, for the Remembrance Night for Bryce Liddle (DJ Belway). His friend, Conley Jones and ChaCha Stowers of The Modern Prometheus played Bella Morte’s “Evensong” with Andy Deane (of Bella Morte) singing. Then I said a few words, basically what I had written in my blog post from last week with a shout out to the local goth/industrial community for being so charitable and kind, followed by JDavyd Williams (of Oh So) singing a moving cover of one of Bryce’s favorite Placebo songs.  All night long, Bryce’s friends and DJs were spinning the music he loved.

It was wonderful.

There was plenty of dancing, laughing and people just enjoying themselves. It was a very healthy turnout, and Umlaut raised about $1000 for Bryce’s funeral expenses.  All in all, it was more than a good day, it was great.  And last night was as good of a send off as our little, loving music scene could muster.

Positively Yours,