Once again Synthetic Division is teaming up with Bella Morte. They said it would never happen. They said the egos were too big for Charlottesville to handle... they were right. But, for the fans, we have all agreed to share the stage again.

In the spirit of love we are playing a special late-night, acoustic Valentine’s show at Gravity Lounge here in Charlottesville. Last time I played there, Synthetic Division was fully loaded with dance goodness. But this time the set is going to be stripped down a little bit- not full-on acoustic like Bella Morte- for us, “acoustic” means a few less “bleeps” and “bloops”. And replacing a robot’s voice on the iPod with a piano sound.

It’s kind of nice to fill the writing void that was left when I sent off the book with an artistic endeavor. One of my buddies in Bella Morte, Micah “The World’s Most Dangerous Keytar Player” Consylman, helped set up a recording system on my computer, which will make it easier to get new songs done. And Marshall, the keyman of Synthetic Division, and I actually having regular band practices leading up to the show. In doing so, I discovered a shocking fact that almost brought Synthetic Division down to its knees- Marshall knows how to play... guitar.

I’ll try to post some videos of the show after the fact. In the meantime, here’s a popular Synthetic Division video.

If you’re around the area, I would love to see you at the show!

Positively Yours,