It’s that time of year and we need all hands on deck!

The Well Project wants you to participate in the “Your Voice Counts!” 2018 Survey

Are you a woman living with HIV (or an ally) who has depended on The Well Project to help build community and navigate your own diagnosis, treatment and knowledge of HIV? Are you an advocate that has referenced one of our 110-plus fact sheets in your work? Or, have you have ever read of our compelling A Girl Like Me blogs or attended one of our advocacy-building webinars on important topics like HIV criminalization, U=U, or Trans Women and HIV?  Better yet? Do you follow The Well Project on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to stay connected our work?

If so, please take some time to tell us a little bit about you and how/why you use our resources, what you take away from our work and how it impacts you and your community. 

Our goal is take this vital feedback to better serve our audience and guide us to continue to provide free access to our critical resources, as well as grow to reach even more women living with and affected by HIV. Most important, the folks at The Well Project want to hear from you on how we can better fill the research gaps and ensure that we are reaching even more of you, especially those that are underserved and underrepresented with our content and programming. 

The “Your Voice Counts!” survey should take roughly 20 minutes to complete and we even have an added incentive: 25 participants who complete the survey will be randomly chosen to receive $20 gift cards after it closes.

Remember: Your voice is so important and helps guide the future and direction of our work. So please fill out our survey and share the link with others in your network that use The Well Project’s many resources. 


Learn more about “Your Voice Counts! 2018 Survey" here.

Thank you!

Your family at The Well Project