AIDS Foundation Chicago (AFC) mobilizes communities to create equity and justice for people living with and vulnerable to HIV or chronic conditions. We envision a world in which people living with HIV or chronic conditions will thrive, and there will be no new HIV cases. Our work focuses on advancing health equity, preventing new cases of HIV, serving as a collaboration and knowledge center, being a bold voice for change and strengthening our organizational excellence.

We are seeking an individual to serve as our Program Manager, Special Projects. The Program Manager will oversee Special Projects or Initiatives related to Housing Systems, includes the Coordinated Entry System (CES), Bridge System Coordination, Outreach Coordination, and System Navigation. The Program Manager will participate in system level strategy groups, such as the Coordinated Entry Leadership Team, CoC Implementation Structure Team, CHHRGE Advocacy Committee, and the Bring Chicago Home Regional Committee.

Responsibilities of this position include providing input for the overall direction for the department team and developing relationships with internal and external stakeholders of CES, Bridge System Coordination, Outreach Coordination, and System Navigation. Along with the system level work of CES, the Program Manager will ensure that agencies participating in CES meet system performance goals. CHH is a supporting organization of Aids Foundation of Chicago.

Principle functions and responsibilities of this position include the following:

Program Management

  • Manage relationships with funders;
  • Provide recommendations in collaboration with lead agencies to establish CES priorities;
  • Establish and facilitate relationships with internal and external stakeholders to increase effectiveness of CES, Bridge System Coordination, Outreach Coordination, and System Navigation;
  • Lead system workgroups as needed as part of the CES Leadership Team and CES Implementation Team;
  • Provide guidance to internal and external programs to ensure all projects are in line with system requirements and priorities;
  • Establish and facilitate relationships with stakeholders to promote CES and achieve system goals, such as greater accountability for housing outcomes and rematch statuses, establishing greater racial equity through a new vulnerability index (VI) tool, and updating the CES prioritization;
  • Ensure program policies and procedures are implemented and followed;
  • Hire, train, mentor, and supervise assigned staff;
  • Assist in the recruitment and selection of team staff;
  • Establish priorities and delegate responsibilities to external team members;
  • Support the development and achievement of department team goals and related strategic plan items.

Project Coordination

  • Coordinate CES projects serving various populations;
  •  Serve as a liaison to systems outside of homeless services (i.e., hospital, health, jail, police, libraries) who do not have information on CES access or access to HMIS;
  • Manage CHH’s role as liaison to HUD-CoC funded housing providers and outreach teams to ensure housing placement, stability, and efficacy;
  • Utilize data for planning purposes and for system improvement;
  • Monitors CHH, Skilled Assessor, and System Navigation assessment teams’ compliance with reporting in information system;
  • Make recommendations based on federal, state, and local policies and procedures for CHH and Chicago Continuum of Care (CoC) programs;
  • Create and maintain detailed project documentation and data collection plans and reports;
  • Serve as point of contact to others within AFC and CHH concerning CES and related projects

Quality Assurance and Data Entry

  • Complete data entry in information systems (i.e. HMIS, AFC Database) as needed;
  • Analyze project data to provide quality and statistical reports to stakeholders throughout the continuum;
  • Keep and hold involved agencies and Skilled Assessors, System Navigators, citywide, accountable by monitoring system data;
  • Monitor assessor performance and the quality of assessments to determine continuance of system access; where necessary, remove system access and inform agency leadership team;
  • serve as liaison to Data Services (DS) team to ensure that data is being collected in timely and accurate manner.

Meetings and Training Facilitation

  • Monitor the overall CES assessment process and provide recommendations to improve the performance of Skilled Assessors;
  • Lead System Integration Team (SIT) meetings with partners, such as CES Chronic Singles and Bridge System Coordination;
  • Attend required conference & trainings (i.e., HMIS, CRS, IDHS, HUD or any system wide trainings) and webinars;
  • Facilitate partnership meetings with stakeholders and leaders at partnering agencies;
  • Train service providers on the CES and related projects;
  • Organize meetings with key stakeholder groups in alignment with CES and related projects scopes of work, such as to deliver presentations, establish work plans, and to further initiatives;
  • Provide oversight and training for assessment teams to ensure consistent assessment completion;
  • Participate in provider webinars related to Coordinated Entry and related projects and housing systems;
  • Assist with project/program meeting preparation.


  • Assist with agency-wide activities as directed, including Annual Meeting, AIDS Run & Walk, and others;
  • Update job knowledge, such as by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks, participating in professional organizations;
  • Protect organization’s value and manage risk by keeping information confidential;
  • Perform other duties as assigned.