POZ at 25: Empowering the HIV Community Since 1994

POZ at 25: Empowering the HIV Community Since 1994

This book is dedicated to all POZ readers—past, present and future. Thank you for your support.

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POZ at 25

25 Years of POZ: On the Cover

Who’s who (and what’s what) on the cover of the POZ at 25 anniversary book.

Sean Strub


The POZ founder reflects on creating an important community voice with the potential to change the course of the lives of our readers.

Oriol R. Gutierrez


POZ’s editor-in-chief on the persistence of POZ magazine.

25 Years of Covers

April/May 1994 - April/May 2019

POZ Digital 1994

The Year in POZ: 1994

HIV activist Pedro Zamora, 50 influential AIDS policymakers, home HIV testing kits and more

POZ Digital 1995

The Year in POZ: 1995

Larry Kramer, spotlighting the needs of women living with HIV, a giving guide to AIDS service organizations and more

The Year in POZ: 1996

Magic Johnson, the top 50 AIDS researchers, Jeff Getty’s transplant of baboon bone marrow cells and more

The Year in POZ: 1997

Elizabeth Taylor, ACT UP’s 10th anniversary, legal battles faced by people with HIV and more

The Year in POZ: 1998

Sean Strub’s drug holiday, HIV in prison, Treatment Action Group’s Mark Harrington and more

The Year in POZ: 1999

AIDS in Africa, Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis, POZ’s fifth anniversary and more

25 Years of HIV Research

25 Years of HIV Research

The increasing mastery over the virus is one of humanity’s crowning achievements.

Elizabeth Taylor

25 Years of Celebrities

Our esteem for their HIV activism—from the red carpet to beyond—is a constant.

POZ Contributors

25 Years of Contributors

POZ writers and artists have thrived at the magical intersection of lived experience and boundless talent.

25 years of Personal Stories POZ

25 Years of Personal Stories

Amplifying the voices of people on the front lines of the fight against HIV

The Year in POZ: 2000

New testing options for drug resistance, remembering Stephen Gendin, an HIV voting guide for the presidential candidates and more

The Year in POZ: 2001

HIV and addiction, special report on structured treatment interruptions, recapping 20 years of the epidemic and more

The Year in POZ: 2002

Kami, the HIV-positive muppet, the problems with protease inhibitors, treatment trials and tribulations in Uganda and more

The Year in POZ: 2003

Angels in America comes to HBO, pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV transmission, salvage therapy and more

The Year in POZ: 2004

Exploring “the down low”, the scoop on entry inhibitors, the revival of The Normal Heart and more

The Year in POZ: 2005

The future of immune-based therapies, the Campaign to End AIDS, HIV in the South and more

The Year in POZ: 2006

35 Ones to Watch, the duo behind, Bono launches (RED) and more

The Year in POZ: 2007

The benefits of pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP, the age-old debate about when to start treatment, the lack of sex ed in schools and more

The Year in POZ: 2008

The state of AIDS in Puerto Rico, the push for a National HIV/AIDS Strategy, raising money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and more

The Year in POZ: 2009

The 15th anniversary of POZ, an ode to Martin Delaney of Project Inform, the latest on vaccine research and more

25 Years of POZ

25 Years of Advocates

Twenty-five advocates share what POZ means to them.

The POZ 100

Our annual list celebrates advocates committed to the fight against HIV/AIDS

The Year in POZ: 2010

Black AIDS Institute launches its Greater Than AIDS campaign, the Affordable Care Act passes, cure research and more

The Year in POZ: 2011

Timothy Brown is the first man cured of HIV, mail-order medication, stigma and discrimination in the South and more

The Year in POZ: 2012

The International AIDS Conference returns to the United States, HIV criminalization, How to Survive a Plague and more

The Year in POZ: 2013

Remembering activist Spencer Cox, navigating treatment as prevention, the POZ 100 spotlights unsung heroes and more

The Year in POZ: 2014

The first annual HIV is Not a Crime conference, long-acting antiretrovirals may soon be a reality, Sean Strub’s memoir Body Counts and more

The Year in POZ: 2015

The future of medical marijuana, the POZ 100 celebrates long-term survivors, HIV and military service and more

The Year in POZ: 2016

Charlie Sheen discloses he is HIV positive, spotlighting HIV in the South, undetectable equals untransmittable and more

The Year in POZ: 2017

HIV and aging, HIV buddy programs the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub mass shooting and more

The Year in POZ: 2018

HIV and Native Americans, the 25th anniversary of the Life Ball, an essay on why AIDS-related deaths persist and more

The Year in POZ: 2019

Portraits of AIDS activists, a U=U pullout poster, a profile of founder Sean Strub and more offers members of the HIV community opportunities to come together to share their stories, experiences and expertise.

Sean Strub

Life After POZ

In 1994, activist Sean Strub started a magazine to amplify the voices of people living with HIV.

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A list of the staff and freelancers who have appeared on the past 25 years of mastheads


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