POZ April 1997

POZ April 1997

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Andrew Sullivan, True Believer

Gay America’s most controversial British import has deeply rooted convictions about God and country. His fears run pretty deep, too.

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The Cheshire Chat

A minister warns: True compassion can’t always be found behind that understanding smile

Inside the Issue

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The Price May Not Be Right

Pricey AIDS drugs + fraying safety nets = threats to PWA survival.

POZ Magazine

Aisle Fly Away

Broadway’s Byron Nease takes it on the road

POZ Magazine

Consider It Dunn

Boston’s Belynda Dunn sails to salvation

POZ Magazine

Heart Strings

Gerald Busby’s evangelical composition

POZ Magazine

Living Will

Linda Loughin finds life after death

POZ Magazine

Lost and Found

When a nice Catholic boy goes Buddhist, fear of death turns to celebration

Sean Strub


We have entered the era of resistance-based treatment.

POZ Magazine

Mother Earth

Shana Humphrey gets to the core of HIV

POZ Magazine

Quilting Be

Truth comes out at the AIDS family picnic

POZ Magazine

The Celestine Nonprofit

Zen and the art of conveyor-belt maintenance

POZ Magazine

Beyond Belief

Is long-distance prayer an honest-to-God AIDS treatment?

POZ Magazine

Come One, Come All

No public accommodation can discriminate against PWAs

POZ Magazine

Enter Soul Mate

Love comes in the most unexpected places

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A Wing and a Prayer

You can stare into the face of death without blinking or breaking

Painter Hugh Steers' Pockets

Fall in the Family

The half uncle of painter Hugh Steers applauds a life, and an art, well done.

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The soul: What’s a nice kid like you doing in a joint like this?

Survivor’s Witness

A conversation with Dr. Robert Jay Lifton

Strange Bedfellows

On the incompatibilty of spirituality and AIDS activism

Louganis Surfaces on TV

Although Louganis’ health status plays a relatively minor role in the script, the issue took on massive weight for Hollywood suits.

Heart Transplant

Eat yours out, Tom Cruise -- Sharon Stone just rescued Larry Kramer’s baby

Med Money Management

A guide to options for obtaining AIDS drugs

Doctors’ Soups

AIDS researchers prescribe their favorite Rx for nutritious, satisfying one-bowl meals

Care and Feeding of the Immune

Better self-care -- psychological and physical -- might extend your life

Macro-managing AIDS

More than just a diet, macrobiotics is a flexible life philosophy

Soothe Your Nerves

Simple remedies for neuropathy

Tulips and Daisies

Flower Power

Bach remedies are music to the soul

Waiting for God

Some of the national religious communities responding

Healthy Organ, Nice BUN

Sean Strub scores well on his liver and kidney function tests

Head Games

Carie Ford-Broecker’s guided tour to the cure


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