POZ April-May 2013

POZ April-May 2013

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Recovering Your Life

Substance abuse fuels HIV rates—and is prevalent among people with HIV—but it can be overcome.

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Navigating Treatment as Prevention

People with HIV who take antiretrovirals may lower their chance of spreading the virus by 96 percent. Or is it 26 (or even 100)? 

From the Editor

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High Hopes

The ultimate hope most of us living with HIV wish for is a cure, of course, and an end to the pandemic. Until then, most of us are seeking as...


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Letters-April/May 2013

These stories are very inspirational. I hope that something like this can be a reality for me.


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Positive Support

Under new leadership, AIDS United strengthens its grant making, advocacy and policy work nationwide.

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Return to Sender

Anthem Blue Cross sued for requiring HIV clients to order meds through the mail.

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Old-School Kicks

Reebok gives Keith Haring’s artwork new soul.

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My Bloody Valentine

This artsy, celeb-studded campaign tackles an icky HIV stigma.

Talk of the Town

Rebooting Iowa’s Siouxland AIDS Coalition.

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Safe Sex 3.0

In May 1983, a groundbreaking booklet introduced a controversial idea to gay men: condoms.

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Bar None

A judge rules that Alabama prisons must stop segregating HIV-positive inmates. That leaves only one state with this practice on the books.

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Coming Attractions

Four HIV-related documentaries made it to this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Look for them on a big screen—or a small screen—near...


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What Would You Do?

In the piece “What Would King Do?” Lora René Tucker pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and wonders what role he’d pla...

Care and Treatment

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The Heart of Cardiovascular Risks

People with HIV suffer from high rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD), but the virus appears less to blame than the same risk factors that af...

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E-Reminders Help Patient Outcomes

Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital HIV Clinic improved the health of HIV patients by creating an enhanced system of electronic alerts th...

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HIV Docs Slow on Early Treatment

A poll of 165 health care providers in Washington, DC, and the Bronx, New York, found that 95 percent “strongly agreed” or “...

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TasP in the Real World

The HPTN 052 study found that successful antiretroviral (ARV) use can reduce the likelihood of HIV transmission among heterosexual...

An Almost Normal Life Expectancy?

People with HIV are likely to live long lives, similar with having other diseases which are well-controlled.

Research Notes

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Prevention: Spinning Beyond Latex and Gels

Scientists have developed an electrically spun cloth that can create both a chemical and a physical barrier against sperm and HIV.

Treatment: Fulyzaq Approved for Diarrhea Relief

The FDA has approved Fulyzaq (crofelemer), the first drug to relieve symptoms of the diarrhea that is a side effect of antiretrovirals.

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Cure: Embryo Survival Gene to Control HIV

Researchers have been investigating a newly discovered gene, which may one day be manipulated to fight chronic infections such as HIV, hepatit...

Concerns: HIV-Positive Smokers Lose More Years

Study finds HIV-positive smokers with a well-controlled virus lose far more years off their life expectancy to cigarettes than to HIV.

POZ Survey Says

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Facing Discrimination

When discrimination takes place, it’s important to know your rights and to stand up for yourself (or others) whenever possible.

POZ Heroes

Devarah Dee Borrego

Not Lost in Translation

Devarah “Dee” Borrego was diagnosed with HIV a few weeks after her 21st birthday. That was in 2005.


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