POZ April-May 2018

POZ April-May 2018

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Giuliani Alvarenga

Vote of Confidence

Supporting youth leaders to address HIV among Latinos

Generation PrEP

Pre-exposure prophylaxis has an uncertain future among youth under 25.

The Truth About the 7,000

Why are there still so many AIDS-related deaths?

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

Learning to Fly

Our April/May cover story focuses on Latino youth.


Mutual Support

The North Carolina AIDS Action Network fights stigma through education, advocacy and community building.

POZ Planet

Angels Returns to America

Tony Kusher’s AIDS-theme masterwork is back on Broadway after 25 years.

Kenneth Cole

The End of Kenneth Cole’s AmfAR Chairmanship

Cole is ousted as chairman after 14 years.

Guess Who Can Donate Their Kidneys Now!

HIV-positive to HIV-positive transplants are now possible for people living with the virus.

Big Changes Abound At The Black AIDS Institute

Phill Wilson is retiring from his post as president and CEO.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Join the ”Red Ribbon Revolution” for an earful of love, support and knowledge.


A Year Later

Andrew Spieldenner, PhD, examines the increasing need for people living with HIV to build community in our current political climate.


Everyday — April/May 2018

Here are some important dates in AIDS history.


R.I.P. Mathilde Krim (1926–2018)

Many advocates and HIV organizations pay their respects to AIDS activist Mathilde Krim on social media.

Research Notes

Prevention: Quarterly Vaginal Ring

A three-month vaginal ring could help prevent HIV in women.

Treatment: Weekly Dosing

A star-shaped drug capsule could permit weekly dosing of HIV meds.

Cure: CAR-T Cells

Research shows that CAR-T cells could one day help cure HIV in humans.

Concerns: Lax on HBV Vax

People living with HIV are not getting vaccinated for hepatitis B.

Care And Treatment

Inflammation Concerns

A study found that 49 percent of grade four health events in people living with HIV are caused by inflammation-related disease.

Smoke Pot, Keep Sharp?

Smoking marijuana could reduce cognitive decline in people living with HIV.

Cervical Cancer Outlook

The risk for cervical cancer is lower for women living with HIV on treatment.


8 Weeks of Harvoni Cures Acute Hep C

In a recent small study of HIV-positive men who had recently contracted hepatitis C, Harvoni had a perfect cure rate.


Louie Ortiz-Fonseca

Advocating for Youth

Louie Ortiz-Fonseca works for the health of LGBT youth.


Popping Pills


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