POZ December 1994-January 1995

POZ December 1994-January 1995

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Lisa Tiger

Lisa Tiger Shows Her Claws

Lisa Tiger, daughter of Native American artists and product of an all-American childhood, has spread AIDS education and awareness.

Dancing On Your Grave

Donna Minkowitz Gets Close To Fred Phelps, AIDS Funeral Picketer

Man with marijuana in car

Medical Marijuana

Reefer madness?

Judith Light

Judith Light, Hollywood Activist

On an absolutely perfect Sunday afternoon on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Judith Light’s name is once again mentioned.

Inside the Issue

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Hollow words from a cowardly President

POZ Magazine

Spokes Model

Triathlete Jim Howley in the race of his life

POZ Magazine

Where We Are, Where We’re Going

One man’s opinion on the troubled state of AIDS

POZ Magazine

WORLD’s Champion

Rebecca Denison sees a need and fills it

POZ Magazine

It Can’t Happen Here

The horror of facing AIDS in a land of denial

POZ Magazine

Tom Villard’s Fall Season

How a Hollywood actor confronts AIDS

POZ Magazine

Hollywood & AIDS

In real life, we witness heroism and horror we have never encountered in the movies. Why isn’t that drama up on the screen?

POZ Magazine

Going South

Anderson Ferrell’s novel takes on family, heritage and death.

POZ Magazine

It Pays To Advertise

Advertising serostatus lifts Lee Mathis’ acting career

POZ Magazine

Liquid Lunch

World record holder James Ballard makes a splash

POZ Magazine

AIDS In America

Pop culture timeline of AIDS-themed entertainment

POZ Magazine

Family Portrait

Photographer Lyle Ashton Harris confronts convention

POZ Magazine

The Living End

New Yorkers fight for assisted suicide

POZ Magazine

AIDS Zen: A Visit to the Hospital

Heavy rain outside has no effect in here.

POZ Magazine

Hollywood’s AIDS Moguls

These powerful men -- who determine so much of what happens in Hollywood -- have made a genuine commitment to AIDS.

POZ Magazine

Sex: Love Among the Ruins

When hospitals become the next sexual playpen

POZ Magazine

Life: Hospitals Are Our Jails

The time for madness is now

POZ Magazine

Media: I Want My HIV

MTV scores again while Sports Illustrated goes down swinging

POZ Magazine

The Arts: A View with a Room

How one living room changed a neighborhood

POZ Magazine

My View: Shifting Gears

How ’80s-style AIDS activism fails us in the ’90s

POZ Magazine

POZ Insider

Beware the reckless headline writer

POZ Magazine

Call To Arms: Why Activism Matters

Some insurance companies are covering alternative health care

POZ Magazine

Checking In: Caro Diario

How one doctor tackles her own HIV 

POZ Magazine

How Do You Really Feel?

Elizabeth Taylor’s bravura; President Clinton’s shame


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