POZ February-March 2005

POZ February-March 2005

In every issue, you’ll find the hottest topics of interest to our readers along with cutting-edge health information.

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You’ve Got Love!

In time for Valentine’s Day, your guide to successfully surfing POZ’s all-new, free online personals! Plus: Meet 21 of our HIVer hotties...

Online Love 101

A crash course in the rules, attitudes and lingo of cyber dating—and finding what works best for you.

Make A Date!

From disclosing your status to choosing the right shoes, dating is a drama. These 10 tips will help keep it light.

The Real Deal

So you’re great at dating. What happens when you’re ready for mating? Here’s a map to getting to forever.

Inside the Issue

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Legal Eye

I’m HIV positive and have been offered a job. The company wants me to complete a medical form first. Must I disclose my status? Can I lie?

POZ Magazine

HU Handbook

The Treatment Scoop on Hydroxyurea

POZ Magazine

Editor’s Letter

Smart (ass) magazine with mega matchmaker fetish seeks passionate partners for online love-in. We&rs

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As an Australian, I want to thank Sean Strub for taking a strong stand about voting in America’s elections.

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Hey, What’s Your Sign?

A rural HIVer courts prevention politics with a drive-by personal ad

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Glossed Over

Other young adults are also putting youthful faces on the virus—but their medium is more slick Benetton than backcountry billboard.

POZ Magazine

What will they think of next?

Kooky but kick-ass treatment and prevention plots are storming the globe!

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Oh, No(bel) She Didn’t!

The first black African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize preaches black AIDS conspiracy.

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In memoriam: ACT UP Philadelphia fighter Shahiid Robinson, 44, died November 13 of kidney failure...

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I Want My HIV TV!

10 shows we dare cable to take on

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Mama Mia

Teen Titans, DC Comics’ juvenile justice league, has just hired HIVer Mia, the scuzz-fighting ex-hooker who came out as positive to boss...

POZ Magazine

I Love My Heart

Make 6 Valentine vows to hype your heart’s health. 

POZ Magazine

The Cheek of Them!

Will subsidized Sculptra be accessible to HIVers?

POZ Magazine

Booty Call

Once upon a time, I had a butt. But that was before HIV meds.

POZ Magazine

Your Date With Data

Tips from November’s ICAAC—the last of 2004’s big three HIV science and treatment confabs:

POZ Magazine

Warning Signs

Two new advisories about HIV-cocktail mixology.

POZ Magazine

STD Of The Month

Meet the new rage among HIVer gay men in Europe: lymphogranuloma venereum, or LGV, a rare STD caused by some strains of the common...

POZ Magazine

The Antioxidant Buffet

USDA study listed 20 foods that pack, per serving, the most antioxidants—compounds that help defend your body from stress and disease.

Lloyd Bailey, MD

Doin’ the Hustle

Forget OxyContin and Vicodin. These days, the hottest black-market meds in New York are Kaletra and Combivir.

POZ Magazine

Over The Wall

To disclose, a fearful HIVer flies to the Far East


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