POZ Focus - Aging With HIV

POZ Focus - Aging With HIV

This issue spotlights how long-term survivors persevere against the virus.

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Aging With HIV: Living to Tell

Long-term survivors aging with HIV are full of resilience that comes with learning how to cope, connect and dream again.


Nelson Vergel

What it’s like to start an infused treatment for HIV? Discover Nelson’s Trogarzo® Experience

This is the experience of one patient and may be not representative of all Trogarzo® patients. [SPONSORED]


Aging With HIV: Health Concerns

Understand the complex challenges for people living with the virus as they get older.

alarm clock on plate with fork and knife fastting diet

Aging With HIV: Health Tips

Take these steps to improve your wellness!

Jeff Taylor

Older & Wiser

How HIV long-term survivors contribute to a better future for everyone


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7 Common Concerns Brought Up by People Aging With HIV

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